In partnership with Playtop® and Nike Grind®

Urban Rubber Paving is the approved installer of the proprietary impact-absorbing SHERPLAY® poured-in-place rubber surface system. Featuring a unique and extra-stable cushioning base, it also comes in a broad range of colours. For the top wear layer, we’re proud to instal Sherflek® (recycled tire crumb coated with coloured rubber), Playtop®, EPDM, and Nike Grind®.
Playtop with Nike Grind

Why choose us?

We believe that meeting the highest standards for our children is essential for communities to thrive. Our crews are specially trained for playground installation, have Canadian Playground Safety Institute (CPSI) credentials, and possess more than 40 years of combined experience. We’re a family-owned business with locations in the Greater Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria regions, and we’re committed to installing playground surfaces that are safe, accessible, and fun.

What makes our play surface better?

Playground Testing Criteria

We have certified Canadian Playground Safety Institute (CPSI) staff who oversee the entire installation from the preparation work to final wear layer.

The playground surface will be tested to meet or exceed the following standards:

  • Fall Attenuation: ASTM F1292-01 and CAC/CSA Z-614 for GMAX & HIC testing
  • UV stability: ASTM D1148-13
  • Water Absorption: ASTM D-530 +6.5%
  • Bacterial Resistance: no growth
  • Fungal Resistance: no growth
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Base/cushioning layer

SHERPLAY® provides a stable cushioning base to which the wear layer will adhere for the life of the playground. This is a significant departure from traditional playground bases that use fine rubber buffings, which are prone to shifting and result in the lateral movement of the wear layer. This movement leads to premature tearing, cracking, and seam failure.

Top/wear layer

Children love colour! With this in mind, we offer industry-leading colour customization while maximizing recycled content, affordability, and access to environmental grants. Our wear layer can blend Sherflek®, Playtop® with Nike Grind® products.

  • Sherflek® is manufactured from recycled tire granules (SBR) that have been safely dyed with liquid colourant. The result is a solid rubber granule with approximately 10% of the outer surface coloured – meeting the same colour, longevity, ASTM, and CSA testing standards as EPDM while maintaining full eligibility for LEED credits, provincial, and industry grants. Colour customization is the same low price as black SBR.
  • Playtop® is the largest pour-in-place playground company in the world, with installations in almost 70 countries. It leads the industry with more than 50% propylene content – the key ingredient for colour stability and longevity.
  • Nike Grind® is an innovative surface created using recycled running shoes. Combined with the Playtop® EPDM, it’s available in a wide spectrum of colour possibilities.
Urban Rubber Paving

Playground Gallery

Urban Rubber Paving is proud to use Shercom surfacing products on our installations.

Trusted, transformational, and manufactured with 100% Canadian-recycled tires


  • Our playground surfacing exceeds all Canadian Standards Association (CSA) fall height requirements and has passed all G/Max and Head Injury Criterion (HIC) testing.
  • Pour-in-place won’t migrate or thin out, such as loose-fill. Our durable surface ensures year-round coverage, without regular maintenance or the additional cost of replacement fill.
  • Accessible and truly barrier-free. Unlike wood fibre, there is no drag or hindrance to movement.
  • Where loose-fill surfaces are prone to hidden objects such as needles, mold, fungus, insects, and feces, pour-in-place guarantees cleanliness. Animals and insects are not attracted to rubber material.
  • Our playground surfaces will not freeze in winter and remain slip-resistant through inclement weather.
Playtop with Nike Grind

About Playtop® by Nike Grind®

Made with recycled Nike shoes and surplus manufacturing scraps. Nike Grind® is a unique, sustainable and high-performing material that can be used to create colourful wearing courses for recreational spaces.